We The Purple, in order to form a more perfect union, is hacking the political system, blowing up party politics and returning control to the people.

Why are we here?

  • Younger voters are issue-driven, not party-driven
  • Parties exist to preserve and protect themselves, continually increasing polarization
  • Trust in institutions is at an all-time low
  • Most people will not contribute to political campaigns nor organizations for fear of retribution
  • Information is delivered through biased echo chambers
  • 42% of the population are registered Independents
  • Political representatives are more bound to parties and special interests than constituents

We believe the power of an active, informed, and engaged populace is essential to driving the consent of the governed – and that issues supersede politics.

What are we doing?

Our highly secure platform will accomplish three objectives:

  1. Connect voters to issues they are interested in – without regard to politics
  2. Connect organizations (candidates, politicians, advocacy, media, affinity, information, & government) to voters, and voters back to these organizations
  1. Empowers individuals to influence outcomes through learning, membership, secure polling/voting & “Dox-Proof Donations” to maintain an inalienable right to privacy

How do we do it?

Technology innovations such as blockchain and machine learning, combined with encryption and decentralization, ensure privacy and control stay in the hands of the user.